Zeller + Gmelin wins Bosch Supplier Award

Lubricant manufacturer Zeller + Gmelin has won the Bosch Global Supplier Award in the category “Indirect Purchasing”. With the award, Bosch honors its suppliers for the 15th time this year. 18 of the 44 award winners of 2017 come from Germany.

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According to Bosch, the company recognises above average achievements in manufacturing and supply of products and services. Quality, cost consciousness, innovation and logistics have been said to be main criteria for the selection of the award winners.

With this award, Bosch hopes to honor its business partners. As the company states, those companies do more than just supply parts. Instead, they are considered as development and innovation partners. Bosch wants to honor the winning companies for contributing to Bosch’s success. According to the company, purchasing and logistics volume currently accounts for 60 per cent of total sales, the majority of which comprises electronics and mechanical components.

Zeller + Gmelin feels honored to be awarded the Suppliers Award: “We are extremely proud to be the only lubricant manufacturer named among the prize-winners,” said Siegfried Müller, Marketing and Sales at Zeller + Gmelin. “Receiving the new award underlines once again that our concept of being an innovative partner and solutions supplier to our customers is a complete success,” Siegfried Müller continues.

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According to the company, Zeller + Gmelin develops individual and holistic solutions from one source, starting with research and development, and production. At its Eislingen site, twenty per cent of its more than 500 strong workforce are employed in development and laboratories, the company states. The independent, medium-sized chemical company employs around 900 people worldwide and has more than 800 high-performance lubricants available, Zeller + Gmelin says.

The high performance of its supply partners is supported by Prof. Dr. Stefan Asenkerschbaumer, deputy CEO Bosch Purchasing and Logistics: “Our aim is to achieve supply chain excellence. In the future, we will have to react even more flexibly, and faster to meet market and customer requirements. This can only work when all partners are networked intelligently, and work closely with the help of automated processes.”


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